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The legend of Otger Catalo

1. Many legends from Catalonia arrive,
throughout its history they survive.

2. There's one our souls hold,
here it is as it has been told.

3. That of Otger Cataló, to blame
for having our country such a name.

4. Lord of Christian land,
of his properties in command.

5. Saracens from abroad,
galleys and sailboats aboard,

6. here war brought,
being our homes caught.

7. Iberians fall to the ground;
in their strongholds defeat is bound.

8. Barbarism is intense,
Iberia fights for defence.

9. A warrior in very bad condition
watches desperate such perdition.

10. All his companions are dead;
sorrow and rage from his chest spread.

11. At a cave entrance he finds a tent;
he has found a shelter in the end.

12. Of goatskin it is made
and has a leaf-bed laid.

13. His body and limbs many wounds reveal,
which nobody is there to heal.

14. A dog his injuries will lick;
he will no longer be sick.

15. A goat by him will stay,
which he will milk every day.

16. For long the forest keeps him alive
providing the food to survive.

17. At home with his folks he yearns to be,
whom he doesn´t lose hope to see.

18. As a brave warrior Otger is to praise;
his sword and mace he will always raise.

19. His dagger he used to sharpen,
ready for what could happen.

20. A year goes by full of fortune;
he joy of Otger is opportune.

21. To call his fellows he blows his horn;
ready to start war he is worn.

22. The dog, to help very keen,
to many new places has been,

23. and a courageous warrior has met,
who towards Otger has led.

24. The brave men are very pleased,
their determination is increased.

25. All over a message is to be sent
for every man to comment:

26. "Fellow men, to emerge triumphant
our war cry must be unisonant.

auca Seneyera

27. The saracens within our land
are to be expelled sword in hand."

28. The news is perfectly clear,
for all lineage to hear.

29. The Lord of Cervelló has come and bowed,
of his sabre and banner proud.

30. The Baron of Montcada goes as well,
of a pleasant ride he will tell.

31. The one of Pinós joins in concord,
two more arrive afterward.

32. The Cerveras´ emblem one will bring,
his flag fluttering in the wind.

33. From Mataplana arrives the other,
hardened by a life of soldier.

34. They'll have a sixth companion,
of Alemany the Baron.

35. Anglesola is soon to report,
devastated by the sight of war.

36. The eighth adheres in full knowledge;
that of Erill, admired for his courage.

37. From Ribelles is the last to arrive,
a Lord for whom all maidens sigh.

38. Otger will be the leading knight,
the others claim willing to fight.

39. Before the Virgin of Montgrony is the place,
where solemly an idea they embrace,

40. to make our country free,
to regain a homeland to live.

41. The Nine Barons of Fame
in their hearts hold a flame.

42. Without the slightest hesitation
they battle for our nation.

43.To run away is the Saracen flag;
it is never to come back.

44. The fight had been hard,
our land is anew to start.

45. The faith of our parents was meritorious,
it made them emerge victorious.

46. Their legacy we have received,
which our hearts has reached.

47. Our nation, the Catalan land,
very proud can stand.

48. Mythology is a magic bridge,
which is every day us to teach.

Text 2007:
English Version
Translated by Josep Solé Fontova

Text original: Auca de N'Otger Cataló

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